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In life's journey, the challenges posed by orthopaedic conditions and injuries, especially those affecting the hand, wrist, and arm, can significantly alter your quality of life. At our practice, we stand at the forefront of providing empathetic, patient-focused care for a variety of orthopaedic concerns.

Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and guiding you toward recovery and improvement in well-being.

We are committed to offering treatments in a supportive environment, ensuring you are comfortable and informed at every stage of your care.

Hand and Wrist Conditions

We offer specialised care for a wide array of hand and wrist conditions, from the common discomforts brought on by repetitive use to the complexities of arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Understanding the pivotal role of the hands and wrists in daily activities, we use both conservative treatments and advanced surgical techniques.

Our goal is to alleviate pain, restore function, and enhance the quality of life for our patients, allowing them to return to their cherished daily routines with ease and confidence.

Fractures and Injuries

Dr Maree and her team provide meticulous care for fractures of the fingers and wrist, including the critical treatment of scaphoid fractures, a common yet challenging injury.

Additionally, our expertise extends to the management of specific injuries like mallet finger, where the objective is to rehabilitate the finger to its fullest potential.

Each patient benefits from a customised treatment plan developed to achieve the best possible recovery and ensure a return to functionality and strength.

Nerve, Muscle and Tendon Care

Specialising in the complex network of nerves, muscles, and tendons throughout the hand, forearm, arm, and shoulder, including delicate areas such as the Brachial Plexus and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Our treatments are designed to address the underlying issues causing pain and mobility problems, striving to restore each patient's ability to move freely and without discomfort.

Specialised Paediatric Care

Our clinic offers dedicated, compassionate care for our youngest patients, who face challenges like obstetric brachial plexus injuries, including Erb's palsy.

Recognising the importance of early intervention, we tailor our treatments to the specific needs of infants and children. We aim to promote optimal healing and functional development from an early age, ensuring a future of improved mobility and independence.

Advanced Reconstruction Techniques

Catering to patients with severe or longstanding injuries, our surgical services include sophisticated procedures such as tendon transfers, nerve transfer surgery, bone grafting, and ligament reconstruction for the wrist and hand.

These advanced techniques represent our commitment to restoring as much of your function as possible, improving the lives of those who have endured significant trauma.

Our approach to complex reconstruction is not just about healing physical wounds; it’s about rebuilding lives and enabling our patients to reclaim their independence and joy.

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Our Orthopaedic trauma and reconstruction service embodies a sanctuary for healing, innovation, and hope. Devoted to excellence in patient care, our team is ready to support you through every phase of your recovery journey.

Whether facing an acute injury or navigating the challenges of a chronic condition, we are committed to providing personalised care that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and celebrate the victories, big and small, on the road to recovery.